Saudi Arabia meeting

February 23, 2007

There was a meeting on 16th of February with Saudi Arabian ambassador. This discussion must be related to the freedom of the press. However he was talking about Islam. A lot of things were said to protect Islam from the view of the ordinary people. Ambassador was saying that woman and man is equal and women are given a choice whether to work, study or sit at home. Also he was talking about “Hijub” as a choice and respect for women to follow Islam.

Almost nothing was said about Saudi Arabia. Is this mean that government people want to hide something bad and show only good?

I try to find something about freedom of the press in Saudi Arabia through Internet. Everywhere it was said there are no freedom of the press.

It mean that government people try to hide, not to give direct answers for us NOT TO KNOW!


My Community

February 21, 2007

It is hard for me to say in which part of community I am.


I love “old school” and good rock nowadays music. Also I hate people who are trying to be like a “cool gangsters” or sexy so called “ladies”. However it is hard to find people who are like you. If 5 or 4 people can be called a community it means that I am a part of die out community.


Sometimes I don’t know maybe I am living not in “my” age or not in “my” country. It will be better to be born in 70’s and 80’s in America or England. Why not? Being with people who understands you and not looking at you like on an idiot.


 Another point that I don’t like big gathering of people because people are very hypocritical to each others that are the main problem of each community and society.

I am a part of my little cosy little community!


We Media

February 14, 2007

Who are they: participatory journalists?  Hey you! If you have a web blog or try to you are trying to send your articles to people you will be considered as participatory journalists.  

“Participation has been a fundamental component of the Internet since its inception.”

However…Forum… On-line discussions such kind as forums, chats can be considered as oldest type of PJ. You can be on-line or not you still a part of discussion. However there is a censorship even in such kinds of discussions so called MODERATORS. People! Who ever thought, that mostly everyone who have internet access can be called participatory journalists.

February 9, 2007

Why people forget about history? Why do we try to find something new, however this “new” has come from 80’s, 90’s even from 50’s. People forget about everything great that come from the past. Who knows about Twiggy? Because of her rebel nature, mini skirts and mini haircuts become trendy.


Who knows about “The Cure” with their hit “Boys Don’t Cry”? Whose music becomes a new branch in England?




Who knows the history of “Sex Pistols” fathers of Punk? Do you know that when they start they don’t know how to play guitars and drum?



Why don’t we estimate old school?

I love it! I can’t stand with this “NEW” music!!!!







February 6, 2007


I stopped watching TV a while back. I mean every day television trash with impurity of advertising. I hate the main rule of advertising: “She’s had some… so has she… and so has he….” For example famous advert which shows Beckham, Pink, Aguilera and all they are drinking PEPSI with their disgusting white teeth.I am getting tired of these really cool adverts: example the one with the balls going down the street. Thousands of this little colored balls going down from sunny hillside. It really knocks me down when in the end it told “buy Sony”.  I know I am a bit stupid but I didn’t catch a connection between colored balls and Sony. I love to watch music channels but they are so spoilt. Everything on is about what Britney Spears is doing or the other blonde ones. Jessica Simpson, Ashley Simpson and Christina Aguilera type of people. Why do I care what they wear or what they do during the day?  Can they show me variety of music directions not only Pop and Rap? Or everything that is not blond and had no sexy girls is garbage like?Oh I forgot another stupidity on TV. It is damn reality shows. I used to think to myself: “What do these TV producers take us for? Idiots?” but then I realized…the majority of the public are idiots because they do want to watch this poor shit.


February 1, 2007


The only problem is hidden in your brain.

Smokers are not being helped to kick the habit, even though there are strategies that work, such as mass media

campaigns which more and more provide people with nekotin. There are 70 percent of people all over the world who

want to give up smoking and 40 of people who seriosly quite fot some period of time ut only 5 percent of people

succeed. Why it is so hard to thriw away his habbit? Why it is desees like?

Partly this problem is because tobaco is very addictive but it is also because people do not get the kinds of help. Addiction to nicotine that is at the root of this enormous health, social, and financial burden. However every deed has its own cause and tobacco smoking is not an exception.

It is very easy to advertise “we can cure tobacco addiction”. But what person feels while going to such treatment centre. Ashamed. Scared. It is not a fault of particular person it is a fault of society. Society wants a better life. Better life needs money. Money is a question that hearts every time. 

Smoking affects all body. A number of physical endurance studies have shown that that smokers reach exhaustion before non-smokers do and can’t run as far or as fast as non-smokers. Nicotine can help person, for a particular moment, to stop nervous or feel a little bit relaxing but it will never help to be feet.Smoking. Good or bad. Every you will choose a future for your body yourself. In a modern life everything damage human body. What will you choose?


Do you believe in god?I am not talking about a person who is “God” himself, who cross many roads with no food and so on and so on.  I am talking about belief. Everyone have there own vision of God. Most of people believe in God like in little sticky something with little legs and hands that can walk. Yes, you think right, I try to describe aliens!However when something serious happens everyone blames God! Oh my God! Or even better: God damn! Why it happens so!People need to have someone guilty! Let’s make a spiritual guilty one! Why not very convenient!As long as people won’t see God with their own eyes, won’t feel him with their hands they will never believe in it. Like now one believe in terrorism in
Another problem is people who believe in God, they frighten people who don’t believe. Like people who blow up them selves for Allah. Everyone have their own believe. God don’t influence he only watch.

For the Love…

January 29, 2007

You can see a quote of my blog. Meaning of it everyone can understand differently. However this is a music of our life!

“And in the end, the love we take will be equal to the love we make.”(The Beatles)


January 26, 2007

People are very strange creatures. Through all their life they want more than they have in their hands. However the “biggest” that they are searching for often is in their hands. Silly, but “losing everything” is what they’ve got in the end. Taste of something new – that is what we need. Why? Why not? To brag friends for things that they haven’t taste or done yet. However another question appears: What fore, to be cool, the best or something?  

A lot of people feel their selves lonely, or say everyone about it. Loneliness is aspiration of a person to dialogue. Sitting and doing nothing didn’t solve this problem. We are creating our lives by ourselves with our own strength and weaknesses.  

Year after year there are less and less feelings, emotions. People try to hide everything under their mask of coldness, hatred. Be yourself, be better.    

They are with me…

January 19, 2007


start up…

January 15, 2007

Funny to say…. But righting my own thoughts to the audience is a little bit strange for me…. Who cares what do someone thinks about life…..It is very stupid when people search some smart thoughts through internet and then show them like there own one…..However If I have to do it…. Ok…. I will…. Who cares!!!!!