May 4, 2007

  Violence in Internet is another discussed topic that interests me. We are living in a very violent world, children see a lot in Internet. Read in newspaper even see in the streets however now we started to face another “friend” of a violence Internet. Children start to use Internet more than other media sources. If something can be censored in newspapers, TV or magazines on Internet it is very hard to censored and we are watching, we are influenced, a lot of people want to be look a like.

I know that it is hard to influence on it however if we are bothered that means that we start thinking about it.


May 4, 2007


I was impressed by the topic about Internet shops because it is very important for our country and I will tell u why!

The first point is that we can’t find particular what we need in our local stores. Sometimes I think that clothes and shoes that are imported in Kazakhstan are not for me. I want other and this I can find in Internet however our Internet selling opportunity is very poor. I order clothes and hoes from American and I receive it however “Fed Ex” asked me taxes that were bigger than I paid for my parsley. It is very awful.

It is good that we start to think about such issues because we want have more than we have.

The Scorpions concert

April 27, 2007

The Scorpions concert was the second visit of foreign rock legends. I missed the concert of “Deep Purple” but it wasn’t in my plans to miss Scorpions. It is very hopeful that our country is starting be visited by different groups and singers not only native of Russia but groups which I love.

So my mom knew about the concert and tells e to buy her ticket too. It was a very good news for me that tickets costs 50$ not minimum 100$ as it was with Deep Purple.

I was so happy when I realized that I will be there watching and feeling the spirit of music that I can’t even dream about.

I thought that The Scorpions is old group but they have so much action on the stage that even many young bands can’t give to their audience. James Kottak (drums) who smashed bottle og bear onto his head and present us awesome solo. Best play of Klaus Meine (vocals), Rudolf Schenker (guitar), Matthias Jabs (guitar) and Paweł Mąciwoda (bass).  I can’t even tell how it was great. I’ll try to paste photoe as soon as posible. 


I myself tried Human Face Recognition and I think that it is not very useful tool. Of course it is very interesting to find out what are your celebrities look like but on a different photos you are look a like different people. Finally you start to think what are the criteria of searching about your similarities.

I spend a lot of time browsing and browsing my different photos to find the best list of people with whom I have some similarities. However I didn’t manage to find, on my pint of view, celebrities whom I look like.

On my point of view this tool is only for our fun and nothing else. So we can enjoy ourselves being look like Liv Tyler or Avril Lavigne!  

The best of ever!

April 16, 2007


A lot of emotions…

Drummer is the best…

Scorpions are better than may of the fresh made bands…

My Celebrity

April 13, 2007

Maxim and Me


April 9, 2007


Everyday someone is watching us! It can be people on the streets, friends, teachers, parents and so on! There is no way to be alone ever while sitting in the Internet because or IP addresses are scanning every second, even in the dark cinema room because our mobile phones are with us and “someone out there” will find us if there will be use in it.

We can’t be alone however many people is lonely nowadays. What can we do to avoid being under control?

 It is very hard to understand that we can’t talk on the telephone on topics that we like because someone is recording us. In some kind of newspaper about 5 year ago was written than while we are talking on the telephone some technology out there starts to recode us when we tell words like “President”, “Kazakhstan” and so on.

The end of the universe will appear when everyone will wear microchip in their body and every move and word will work against person.



April 9, 2007


What is Crowdsourcing?

The term was coined by Wired

magazine writer Jeff Howe and editor Mark Robinson in a June 2006 issue of that magazine.


Is it fare? How does it work?


People are selling their ideas, works, and photos to companies. Very cheap, very progressive.

 However is seems that it is no more use to the professionals, photographers, art directors and so on? From the other it is another way for ordinary people to earn additional money!

Then we ask is it good?


A person always creates something new.  Crowdsourcing contains as a good sides and bad sides of a medal. Only people will chose what is good or bad and what they are willing to use or not.


On my point of view web blog is very interesting and convenient way to post and check our assignments. I like it more to write my works in web blog because it is better than print it out pass to teacher.

However sometimes it is not known what about is to write. It will be better if we will have some topics from you Mr. Emrich to choose, every week I write a lot about my interests but now I have no idea what to write about each week.

Another thing that I want to ask you is some how to let us know how our blogs are going, what we must improve in it and is it good or bad.

Also I want to thank you that you are giving us a lot of creativity because many teachers in KIMEP want to make a template from us. They want us to write ore answer in the way thy are thinking and if we are making step left or right is well end with bad mark for us only because we have our own opinion.

March 28, 2007

Last few weeks we were working on our wiki project! However now it was time to show our creation and look what others have done! I was really impressed about what people are interested in and what they try to shoe us!

 My favorite one is about cartoons, on my point of view there are a lot of cartoons which are made not fore children and much more smarter than soup operas of our times. I write comment of Futurama cartoon cause it was my favorite cartoon about 2 years ago and I’ve seen all seasons.

On other hand for many people if you watch cartoons you are children like… Oh, whatever, who cares!

 Also I like wiki about famous people. It was very interesting to read about famous people and knew more about them, some of them still alive some of them not. History is always interesting! I was interested in Robin Sharma because it is the one of the famous speakers nowadays and he is bout to come to hold a speech in Almaty. Ticket to this speech costs 157000 tenge and interview with him costs about 20000$!!! Isn’t it shocking….

Wiki experience

March 21, 2007


It was very interesting to know what is wiki it self and for what it is needed. Wit our group were thinking about topic that will be interesting for us. However there were very few topics in our head. After choosing the topic we start!

It was not boarding or tired stuff. We did the job we like to. During this period of time I knew out more about my favorite bands. Now I know more not only about the music of 80’s and 70’s, but I know the life. I start to understand deeper music and words of “that times”!

March 1, 2007


I was thinking a lot about what part of a community I am. I decided that I am a part f my family community. However this is not only people with whom I have genetic similarities. There are people who are gamily for me.

Maybe for someone it is difficult to understand what I mean and because of this I will try t describe a little bit clearer. Family community is a people who care and whom I love very much. It is not a group of people whom I see every day and who “loves” and “smile” to each others face but in a minute after will say not a god words about people whom they were smiling.

My community is people who really loves me and will halp me in every situation and I will too.

Media or what?

March 1, 2007


If you start acting like monkey you must be it till the end, becoming a paradigm oblige you to do it well.

The way that Kazakhstani media ignore the advantage of having a web twin of their publication is wrong.

In America, Europe and even in Russia almost every media has their own web version.

It gives an opportunity for the people all over the world to know more about not only your country, but about development of media and society in the whole. For media to have their own site is not so expensive.

However this web site will give opportunity to grow, to develop.,, this are the most visited web sites of newspapers.

If newspaper wed sites are more or less developed, magazine web sites suffer a lot.

 If they try to approach under standards of western magazines, they must know what to do., and what else? Is this all that we can show?

Is this all for Kazakhstany magazines? Unfortunately, yes. Our glossy magazines want to look pretty, however thy can make shine only there appearance.

 Inside life and development suffer a lot. Improve your self, do your best. If you started to amaze do it well and till the end.