May 4, 2007

  Violence in Internet is another discussed topic that interests me. We are living in a very violent world, children see a lot in Internet. Read in newspaper even see in the streets however now we started to face another “friend” of a violence Internet. Children start to use Internet more than other media sources. If something can be censored in newspapers, TV or magazines on Internet it is very hard to censored and we are watching, we are influenced, a lot of people want to be look a like.

I know that it is hard to influence on it however if we are bothered that means that we start thinking about it.


May 4, 2007


I was impressed by the topic about Internet shops because it is very important for our country and I will tell u why!

The first point is that we can’t find particular what we need in our local stores. Sometimes I think that clothes and shoes that are imported in Kazakhstan are not for me. I want other and this I can find in Internet however our Internet selling opportunity is very poor. I order clothes and hoes from American and I receive it however “Fed Ex” asked me taxes that were bigger than I paid for my parsley. It is very awful.

It is good that we start to think about such issues because we want have more than we have.