The Scorpions concert

April 27, 2007

The Scorpions concert was the second visit of foreign rock legends. I missed the concert of “Deep Purple” but it wasn’t in my plans to miss Scorpions. It is very hopeful that our country is starting be visited by different groups and singers not only native of Russia but groups which I love.

So my mom knew about the concert and tells e to buy her ticket too. It was a very good news for me that tickets costs 50$ not minimum 100$ as it was with Deep Purple.

I was so happy when I realized that I will be there watching and feeling the spirit of music that I can’t even dream about.

I thought that The Scorpions is old group but they have so much action on the stage that even many young bands can’t give to their audience. James Kottak (drums) who smashed bottle og bear onto his head and present us awesome solo. Best play of Klaus Meine (vocals), Rudolf Schenker (guitar), Matthias Jabs (guitar) and Paweł Mąciwoda (bass).  I can’t even tell how it was great. I’ll try to paste photoe as soon as posible. 


2 Responses to “The Scorpions concert”

  1. Aibek said

    And when the Scorpions will come up with their concert?

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