April 9, 2007


Everyday someone is watching us! It can be people on the streets, friends, teachers, parents and so on! There is no way to be alone ever while sitting in the Internet because or IP addresses are scanning every second, even in the dark cinema room because our mobile phones are with us and “someone out there” will find us if there will be use in it.

We can’t be alone however many people is lonely nowadays. What can we do to avoid being under control?

 It is very hard to understand that we can’t talk on the telephone on topics that we like because someone is recording us. In some kind of newspaper about 5 year ago was written than while we are talking on the telephone some technology out there starts to recode us when we tell words like “President”, “Kazakhstan” and so on.

The end of the universe will appear when everyone will wear microchip in their body and every move and word will work against person.



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