Thank you for giving chance…

April 4, 2007


On my point of view web blog is very interesting and convenient way to post and check our assignments. I like it more to write my works in web blog because it is better than print it out pass to teacher.

However sometimes it is not known what about is to write. It will be better if we will have some topics from you Mr. Emrich to choose, every week I write a lot about my interests but now I have no idea what to write about each week.

Another thing that I want to ask you is some how to let us know how our blogs are going, what we must improve in it and is it good or bad.

Also I want to thank you that you are giving us a lot of creativity because many teachers in KIMEP want to make a template from us. They want us to write ore answer in the way thy are thinking and if we are making step left or right is well end with bad mark for us only because we have our own opinion.


2 Responses to “Thank you for giving chance…”

  1. Daisy said

    You have extraordinal thinking of way! I wish u to stay the same!

  2. Olar Maxim said

    I agree with the last points of yours. In such situation it’s very hard to stay yourself and be creative, pattern thinking is not the best way to be self satisfacted, but most of the instructors in kimep use this structure of learning because this one is easier, so i can call them lazy.

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