March 28, 2007

Last few weeks we were working on our wiki project! However now it was time to show our creation and look what others have done! I was really impressed about what people are interested in and what they try to shoe us!

 My favorite one is about cartoons, on my point of view there are a lot of cartoons which are made not fore children and much more smarter than soup operas of our times. I write comment of Futurama cartoon cause it was my favorite cartoon about 2 years ago and I’ve seen all seasons.

On other hand for many people if you watch cartoons you are children like… Oh, whatever, who cares!

 Also I like wiki about famous people. It was very interesting to read about famous people and knew more about them, some of them still alive some of them not. History is always interesting! I was interested in Robin Sharma because it is the one of the famous speakers nowadays and he is bout to come to hold a speech in Almaty. Ticket to this speech costs 157000 tenge and interview with him costs about 20000$!!! Isn’t it shocking….


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  1. belvina said

    Yes, your wiki is very interesting. I visited it. Moreover, I consider that wiki is good tool in order to identify what subjects are interesting.

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