Media or what?

March 1, 2007


If you start acting like monkey you must be it till the end, becoming a paradigm oblige you to do it well.

The way that Kazakhstani media ignore the advantage of having a web twin of their publication is wrong.

In America, Europe and even in Russia almost every media has their own web version.

It gives an opportunity for the people all over the world to know more about not only your country, but about development of media and society in the whole. For media to have their own site is not so expensive.

However this web site will give opportunity to grow, to develop.,, this are the most visited web sites of newspapers.

If newspaper wed sites are more or less developed, magazine web sites suffer a lot.

 If they try to approach under standards of western magazines, they must know what to do., and what else? Is this all that we can show?

Is this all for Kazakhstany magazines? Unfortunately, yes. Our glossy magazines want to look pretty, however thy can make shine only there appearance.

 Inside life and development suffer a lot. Improve your self, do your best. If you started to amaze do it well and till the end.


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