My Community

February 21, 2007

It is hard for me to say in which part of community I am.


I love “old school” and good rock nowadays music. Also I hate people who are trying to be like a “cool gangsters” or sexy so called “ladies”. However it is hard to find people who are like you. If 5 or 4 people can be called a community it means that I am a part of die out community.


Sometimes I don’t know maybe I am living not in “my” age or not in “my” country. It will be better to be born in 70’s and 80’s in America or England. Why not? Being with people who understands you and not looking at you like on an idiot.


 Another point that I don’t like big gathering of people because people are very hypocritical to each others that are the main problem of each community and society.

I am a part of my little cosy little community!



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