February 9, 2007

Why people forget about history? Why do we try to find something new, however this “new” has come from 80’s, 90’s even from 50’s. People forget about everything great that come from the past. Who knows about Twiggy? Because of her rebel nature, mini skirts and mini haircuts become trendy.


Who knows about “The Cure” with their hit “Boys Don’t Cry”? Whose music becomes a new branch in England?




Who knows the history of “Sex Pistols” fathers of Punk? Do you know that when they start they don’t know how to play guitars and drum?



Why don’t we estimate old school?

I love it! I can’t stand with this “NEW” music!!!!







One Response to “”

  1. kwaja said

    i would say i’m sorry if i thought that it would change your mind but i just keep on laughing hiding the tears in my eyes ’cause boys don’t cry.

    Nobody knows who JOY DIVISION and NEW ORDER were… which is kind of sad…


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