February 6, 2007


I stopped watching TV a while back. I mean every day television trash with impurity of advertising. I hate the main rule of advertising: “She’s had some… so has she… and so has he….” For example famous advert which shows Beckham, Pink, Aguilera and all they are drinking PEPSI with their disgusting white teeth.I am getting tired of these really cool adverts: example the one with the balls going down the street. Thousands of this little colored balls going down from sunny hillside. It really knocks me down when in the end it told “buy Sony”.  I know I am a bit stupid but I didn’t catch a connection between colored balls and Sony. I love to watch music channels but they are so spoilt. Everything on is about what Britney Spears is doing or the other blonde ones. Jessica Simpson, Ashley Simpson and Christina Aguilera type of people. Why do I care what they wear or what they do during the day?  Can they show me variety of music directions not only Pop and Rap? Or everything that is not blond and had no sexy girls is garbage like?Oh I forgot another stupidity on TV. It is damn reality shows. I used to think to myself: “What do these TV producers take us for? Idiots?” but then I realized…the majority of the public are idiots because they do want to watch this poor shit.


3 Responses to “Stupid”

  1. raniya said

    Elinka is this yours ideas about adv?

    klassno u menya ne havatilo by nerv dlya takoy pisaniny.



  2. ameli said

    Television. Strange thing about television is that it doesn’t tell you
    everything. It shows you everything about life on earth, but the true
    mysteries remain. Perhaps it’s in the nature of television…just waves
    in space.

  3. Nica said

    sometimes i have absolutely the same opinion as you, but then, when i see into deep, i’m beginning to understand: this is what you actually see. tv can show only people’s needs. they depend only on global demand. not on individual issue, but in the whole sum.
    however, we must look at good ideas and filter all the information.

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