February 1, 2007


The only problem is hidden in your brain.

Smokers are not being helped to kick the habit, even though there are strategies that work, such as mass media

campaigns which more and more provide people with nekotin. There are 70 percent of people all over the world who

want to give up smoking and 40 of people who seriosly quite fot some period of time ut only 5 percent of people

succeed. Why it is so hard to thriw away his habbit? Why it is desees like?

Partly this problem is because tobaco is very addictive but it is also because people do not get the kinds of help. Addiction to nicotine that is at the root of this enormous health, social, and financial burden. However every deed has its own cause and tobacco smoking is not an exception.

It is very easy to advertise “we can cure tobacco addiction”. But what person feels while going to such treatment centre. Ashamed. Scared. It is not a fault of particular person it is a fault of society. Society wants a better life. Better life needs money. Money is a question that hearts every time. 

Smoking affects all body. A number of physical endurance studies have shown that that smokers reach exhaustion before non-smokers do and can’t run as far or as fast as non-smokers. Nicotine can help person, for a particular moment, to stop nervous or feel a little bit relaxing but it will never help to be feet.Smoking. Good or bad. Every you will choose a future for your body yourself. In a modern life everything damage human body. What will you choose?


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