Don’t know what to believe in.

January 31, 2007


Do you believe in god?I am not talking about a person who is “God” himself, who cross many roads with no food and so on and so on.  I am talking about belief. Everyone have there own vision of God. Most of people believe in God like in little sticky something with little legs and hands that can walk. Yes, you think right, I try to describe aliens!However when something serious happens everyone blames God! Oh my God! Or even better: God damn! Why it happens so!People need to have someone guilty! Let’s make a spiritual guilty one! Why not very convenient!As long as people won’t see God with their own eyes, won’t feel him with their hands they will never believe in it. Like now one believe in terrorism in
Another problem is people who believe in God, they frighten people who don’t believe. Like people who blow up them selves for Allah. Everyone have their own believe. God don’t influence he only watch.


2 Responses to “Don’t know what to believe in.”

  1. kwaja said

    why is god always a “he”?

  2. ameli said

    We do not know exactly…..
    but we have our own strong beleives….
    Noone can judge….Noone can be RIGHT by 100%
    He or She…Maybe both of..Bi..Is it so important for people?….Why?…….I do not know…….
    BUT…..Nevertheless…. Exists He/She or not………..We are Just peope….no more……

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